Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Should You Use a Handmade Natural Sugar Scrub on Your Skin, Yes!

   As we enter the cool fall months and the cold winter months you know that it is time to layer up our clothes to stay warm, but what about your skin, how do you protect it.  When it comes to your skin, it’s a different matter, you actually need to take off layers of your skin to protect it.  By taking off surface layers of your skin, you are removing layers of dead skin in order to reveal the healthy and younger skin underneath and a natural sugar exfoliation is the best way to remove that dead skin naturally without harming the skin.

   The thought of removing layers of your skin can sound like something that should be done inside of a plastic surgeons office, but the type of skin removal that we are talking about is very superficial exfoliation. The basic definition of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells from the upper layer of skin to reveal the healthy skin underneath.  By exfoliating the skin, you help to make the topical treatments, which means that applying lotions, creams and body butters, to the skin effective because the dead skin doesn’t allow the lotions, creams and body butters to help to protect the skin during the winter months because the dead skin is a barrier to the healthy and young skin. Once the dead skin is removed the lotions, creams and body butters can penetrate deeper into your skin. And in the long-run, exfoliation helps to increase the amount of the collagen (collagen is a protein that is found in your muscles, bones and tendons, that helps to give your body strength and elasticity) in the skin.  Since, you don’t want to have to go into a sterile doctor’s office to get collagen “pumped” into your skin, why not try sugar.

   Sugar is the best natural exfoliant because of its natural features; one of which is that it is a humectant is a substance that draws moisture from the environment to help hydrate the skin and keep moisture locked in.  The other feature of sugar is a natural source of glycolic acid an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that penetrates the skin and breaks down helps to encourage skin cell turnover to generate fresher and younger skin. Glycolic acid is used to treat skin that has been damaged by the sun and/or skin that is aging. The small granules in sugar more gentle than salt and can be used on the face and/or body; while salt granules are more coarse and should be used on the feet (the skin on your feet is tougher), if used on the face can cause microscopic tears in the skin.

At UNIQUIC, we only use sugar in our face and body scrubs to keep you skin looking young and soft, handmade in small batches because handmade is our thing.

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For more information on exfoliation and the benefits of exfoliating: https://www.aad.org/media/news-releases/evaluate-before-you-exfoliate

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