Monday, June 27, 2016

Don't Leave Out without Our Handmade and Natural Leave-In Hair Conditioner

(watch the video to see our product demo on my hair)

When you take a shower or a bath you immediately put on lotion, well, leave-in conditioner is the lotion that put on your hair. If you are not putting a leave-in conditioner on your hair, your a leaving your hair and your scalp without any protection and moisture, just like if you took a shower or a bath and didn't put lotion on your skin wouldn't be protected and moisturized. Our handmade and natural hair conditioner (leave-in conditioner), contains JUST FOUR ingredients:

shea butter: it moisturizes the hair follicles and scalp with its fatty acids and Vitamin A (Vitamin A normalizes the scalps functions by correcting any damage to the scalp)

avocado oil: detangles your hair and contains a monosaturate which quickly penetrates the hair shaft

      sweet almond oil: strengthens the hair to make it thicker, fuller and it contains Vitamin E
          (Vitamin E helps to moisturize dry hair and promote hair growth)

flaxseed: promotes hair growth, it is anti-inflammatory to reduce damage to the scalp from   previous scalp irritants and it contains Omega 3 (Omega 3 provides hydration to lock in moisture)

So, don't leave home without our handmade and natural hair conditioner...just leave it in to protect and moisturize your hair.

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