Monday, May 16, 2016

Beauty Is ONY Skin Deep: Light versus Dark Skin

   African American women face many challenges in life and one of those challenges is the color of their skin. As women, we want to feel within ourselves and from those around us (especially men) that we are beautiful but for women who carry light to dark brown melanin in their skin that sense of beauty can be difficult to obtain. At UNIQUIC, we understand this issue (being brown skin African American women) and we encourage women to love themselves from within and also to take care of their outer beauty. And that is why we dedicate all of our resources and time into creating natural and handmade skin care products because we want your melanin skin to glow and for you to feel beautiful regardless of whether others tell you or not; because you know that you are beautiful. As melanin women, we must come together and welcome each others skin tones to abolish the racist roots that try to divide us by putting light skin versus dark skin. What is your take on this discussion, in the video below.

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