Monday, April 11, 2016

The Making and Trading of Shea Butter

Why are the European's the Resellers of this product?

I'm am a BLACK OWNED BUSINESS owner and I use Shea Butter in some of my products.  What disturbs me is that shea butter is produced in Ghana by African but is resold in America by European's.  I would LOVE for my people (black people) to be the RESELLER of this product. However, right now,  I have to 
 buy it from EUROPEANS. This is a very LUCRATIVE business read yet we are not tapping into this industry.  When I see that a product which comes from Africa is being imported to American through Europe, that makes me angry. (Alarm Clock Sounding time to be Alarmed)

 I use this in almost all of my skincare products ( my lotions, my body butters and my lipbalms ), this product is excellent for your skin. This product is processed by hands in Ghana to become a butter. Then I have to buy it from Europeans to make my lotions and butters by my hands. Something is wrong with this trading process.

The Making and Trading of Shea Butter

Doing Business in Ghana, let's do this!

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