Monday, November 16, 2015

Make Good Choices for Babies Skin

Here's some guidance.

Less is more. Let's start with the most important, basic fact: your baby doesn't need a lot of special soaps and baby shampoos. For washing, plain soap and water is just about all you need with young babies, try to

consider natural ingredients. When you're shopping for soaps, baby shampoos, and lotions, look for natural ingredients that you recognize. Karp recommends using products that are based on vegetable oils, like Castile soap made with olive oil. You could use almond oil or cocoa butter for your baby's bottom instead of creams with lots of chemical ingredients. 

Look for simplicity. "If a shampoo contains 20 ingredients and you can't pronounce any of them, you might want to choose something else," Karp says.  By looking for simpler products, you're reducing your child's overall exposure.

Skip the antibacterial soap. Although you might be especially anxious about germs when you have a young baby, experts say you really don't need antibacterial soap. The fact is that regular soap works just as well at getting rid of germs as antibacterial soap does. Antibacterial soap just includes extra chemicals -- like triclosan -- that your baby doesn't really need.

Avoid fragrances. That bottle of baby shampoo might smell "fresh" or "clean," but the fragrance is likely the result of many chemicals. Allergens and irritants in fragrances are a leading cause of skin reactions and they can dry out a baby's skin. Watch out for the word "fragrance" when listed as an ingredient on a body care product -- it's a catch all term for any of the chemicals used in making the aroma. 

Are natural fragrances better? Not always, Altmann says. Some kids will have reactions to those too. Go with unscented whenever you can.

Try it first. When you have a new baby skin care product, put a little bit on your baby's arm. Then wait a few hours to see if she has any skin reaction to it.

Here are some products that are EXCELLENT for your babies skin.
Unscented Body Butter
Unscented Lotion
Unscented Soap
Unscented Sample Kit

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