Thursday, September 3, 2015

Win The War Against Cancer With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For years people chose coconut oil instead of olive oil because of the many benefits coconut oil had to offer. Even though, that maybe true there is one more thing that extra virgin olive oil can add to its many benefits and that is oleocanthal. An antioxidant which, when added to cancer cells it completely wipes out the cancer cells, while leaving your healthy cells alone.

There have been findings from researchers that say oleocanthal can rupture the cancer cell, because it can penetrate through the lysosomal of the cell which stores the waste.  These lysosomal membranes are very large and fragile in the cancer cells than normal healthy cells. This makes the cancer cells open to any type of compound that can penetrate its wall. 

The amount of oleocanthal that was used to destroy these cancer cells was roughly about a one sixth of a cup which can be digested through your mouth or apply topically to your skin with soaplotion or body butter that contains extra virgin olive oil in its ingredients. When applying your handmade soap, lotion or body butter to your skin it will penetrate to your blood stream. 

Whatever you put on your skin will go to your bloodstream.  Your skin is the biggest organ that you have and it’s just like your mouth; whatever you put in it will affect your body because it goes directly into your bloodstream.  You want a soap, lotion and body butter that has natural ingredients.  My handmade soap, lotion and body butter has extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter and vegetable oil. All of these ingredients are great for your skin and your health.

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