Thursday, September 10, 2015

Some Hidden Secrets About Candles

Here are some reasons why handmade candles are your best defenses for fighting off odors. Also they keep your environment safe from harmful toxins.

1.           Odors are adhered to oxygen molecules, your handmade candle’s flame burns oxygen and eliminates the odor completely from your room.
2.           Along with destroying the odor your handmade candles will bring pleasant odors to your room because odors whether good or bad will attached to oxygen molecules in the air.
3.           You must let your handmade candle's completely eliminate the bad odor or else when you blow out the candles the odor will come back again.
4.           If you have allergies and can not tolerate scents, you should get handmade unscented candles.  They will eliminate the odor and leave you with a fresh natural scent.
5.          Scented handmade candles contain essential oils in them and they are known for being very powerful, when it comes to producing a good odor. Most people love the citrus, vanilla and melon kind of scents in their bathrooms. My handmade candle are made of soy.  They are really beneficial for you and your living space.

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