Friday, September 18, 2015

Natural Hair Matters: A Natural Hair Movement

Within recent years natural hair has become the biggest and most daring trends of all. Young, old, rich and poor women are transitioning their hair to fit the lifestyle of who they are and their culture. Groups have been formed both locally and on social media but there is something missing in these groups.
1. There is a lack of organization and leadership.
2. Some groups just meet once a year or randomly which is hard for people to get the support or encouragement that they need.
3. They get too hung up on hairstyles when the health of the hair is important.
4. The groups are too focused on what hair type you have.
5. No support for the curly coiled women to help break the stereotype of wanting straight/curly hair. People often think that to start a meetup group cost a lot of money, when in fact, you can use social media for your meetup groups.

Here is the reasons why we must restructure our natural hair groups and start educating, motivating and celebrating in our groups.

Here is a list of live stream platforms, where you can meetup and talk about hair, products, hairstyles etc.
1. (Blab) the internet’s most interesting interviews, talk shows and hangouts or (meetups).
2. (Google Hangout) lets you talk to anyone by video call, message or phone call. Video call would be the one you would use for your meetup group.
3. (Facebook Video Chat) allows you to have video group discussion on Facebook.
4. (Group Spaces) an alternative to it’s free as long as your group is under 250 people. If your group gets that big, I would suggest make some branches.
5. (Meetup) this is a pdf file to help you, if you don’t mind paying for a subscription to be

There is a need for natural hair groups today because our 400 years of oppression and humiliation. We need the support to keep us motivated. To get a natural hair group started ask yourself these questions:
1. Why do you want to start a group?
2. What type of people do you want in your group?
3. How will your group help others?
4. Do you have the leadership to have a group? It takes a lot of commitment.
5. When will the group meet?
6. What rules will you put into place?
7. How will you promote your group?
8. If you have an event how will it be funded? (dues could be used and fundraisers)

Once you have answer these questions and decided where you want your natural hair group to be held,  then you are on your way to growing your community in the right way.  Natural Hair Matters now and forever!

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