Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to Avoid the Flu And Stay Warm

   If you want to avoid the FLU this year, you must consider how to gear-up your outwear; in order to stay WARM.  Your head and neck are two of the most IMPORTANT areas to keep protected.  Your warmth is ESSENTIAL  for you to be able to ward off the flu, because your immune system can drop significantly if your body temperature drops.  When choosing a handmade neck warmer and hat consider these options:

  Something that is thick with breathable fibers, handmade knitted NECKWARMERS are great for this, because they are knitted and have small breathable air holes for ventilation.

* Long handmade scarves are another EXCELLENT source of outwear, because you can layer or loosen it up when you need too.

* Having a snood neck warmer is REALLY a great way to keep WARM, because they can be pulled up to your EYES to keep the heat in that slowly leaves the body when BREATHING.

* Handmade hats are GREAT for keeping your head warm the fibers are spun together giving you LAYERS of fibers to help keep your head WARM

5. Depending on the weather you have OPTIONS for what kind of handmade knitted hat you want to wear.
6. For warmer weather loose knitted handmade hats are GREAT it allows the head to breath when  sweating occurs.

7. The thicker handmade hats are for those colder days when you will need to keep the HEAT in. In ZERO degree weather you lose FIFTY PERCENT of your body heat just trying to stay WARM.

Your body will continue to provide blood to the BRAIN even when you fingers and toes need it too.  Your neck is the INSULATOR of heat meaning it stores a lot of the heat that trickles down from the HEAD. You know how these jobs are now, they will get rid of you if you take off too much, so get GEARED UP.

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