Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Handmade Jewelry Is An Investment Not Just A Purchase

Jewelry that is made by hands not massed produce is the rage today. The time that is spent when your handmade products is made shows how much the designer cares about their products and customers.  The reason why your handmade jewelry is an investment and not a purchase is because: they are not massed produced by machines but they are made my human hands; that take raw materials and produce a product.  

When designing jewelry there is time factor to consider, handmade products take a considerable amount of time to be produced. Also, you share a unique closeness with the designer because you know they actually designed the product.  In a sense, you get a part of the designer emotions when they created the product. Then there is the cost of the materials used in your handmade product. The designer puts quality materials into their handmade products because that’s a reflection of their workmanship. 

 However, mass production jewelry is not handmade and the quality of the product is cheap and made multiple times. Handmade designers hold a high standard of ethics when it comes to their handmade products because if something happens to break or chip it will speak volumes to the designer and consumer; that’s why they look for quality materials.

However, mass production looks for the cheapest quality of materials that they can purchase in big volumes.  Many designers put their products online where you can buy without and sales tax also they are a lot easier to get a hold to online if you have any questions.

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