Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Showers: Bring Healthy and Beautiful Hair and Skin

Steps to Taking a Shower

1.   Check to see if the shower head is turned down instead of out from the shower. Before you turn the water on make sure the shower plug is in the off position.

2.    Turn the water on make sure the water is warm by letting it run for a little while, the best way to know your water is right is by letting the water run on your wrist.  In the summer try taking a cooler shower when it hot outside.

3.   When everything is good carefully enter your shower.

4.   Let your entire body get wet by turning around a couple of times. When washing your hair and body start with water running down your hair and body.

5.   Shampooing your hair: use your handmade soap which has rich oils in them, to give you moisture, healing and softness to your hair and scalp.

6.   Rub the soap in your hair it will lather up.

7.   Thoroughly rinse your hair until the water runs clear.  Then squeeze the excess water out of hair.

8.   Washing your face and body: for your face apply your handmade soap to your face with your wash cloth.  Using circular motion for 30 seconds to lift up deep down dirt, to your cheek, neck, chin and forehead. For the body start with the neck and wash down the body using circular motion to the upper and lower parts of the body, be sure you get in between your toes too.

9.   Rinse your body thoroughly making sure you have gotten soap from hair and body.

When you use the right methods with the right soap your “April Showers: Bring Healthy and Beautiful Hair and Skin”

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