Monday, April 13, 2015

Acne: It Doesn’t Just Happen To Teenagers

 Do you think that acne only happens to teenagers? Do you think your acne forgot to stop running it’s course because you are an adult now. Do you think it’s hereditary that you have acne? Well, you are wrong, acne can happen from childhood and through adult years.  You might be suffering with acne right now and feel that there is nothing you can do. There is something you can do because acne has been related to a lot of psychological problems:

•Social withdrawal

•Decreased self-esteem

•Reduced self-confidence

•Poor body image


•Feelings of depression




What causes acne?

Normally, dead skin cells rise to the top of the pores and the body sheds off the skin then the production of sebum oil (SEE-BUM) comes to keep the skin from drying out.  Acne starts with the clogging of the pores.   Dead skin cells and bacteria gets trapped in your pores, due to the over production of sebum oils.

What will cure it?

 A Dermatologist will prescribe these types of medication to help with acne:

Antibiotics (which kills bacteria and reduce inflammation) could be very expensive along with the specialist visit.

Birth Control (that works on hormones) I’m still trying to get an understanding on this one but, I know that they can cause cancer.

Isotretinoin (is to help with all kinds of acne) the side effects are sensitivity to the sun, irritation, and drying of the skin which takes away the sebum oil that’s necessary for moisture. 

The best cure is my handmade soap because it has coconut oil, palm oil, and vegetable oil that help with acne:

Coconut oil- is an antibacterial which will kill the bad bacterial on skin that causes acne.  It’s also an anti-inflammatory it will bring down the swelling of nodules or pimples.

Palm Oil- which has vitamin A that decreases the sebum oil from it’s over production to a normal state.  It exfoliates helping to get rid of dead skin, normalizes all skin functions and corrects skins condition.

Vegetable oil- seals in moisture so it won’t get rid of the sebum oil.

Acne it doesn't just happen to  teenagers, give yourself a love hug and get some of my handmade soap it's less expensive than a doctor’s visit and healthier.

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