Monday, March 9, 2015

Toxins In Paraffin Is a No Win Situation

After a long hard day of running errands and/or a work day, all you want to do is take a long hot bath and light some handmade scented candles to relax. Did you know that not all handmade scented candles were created equal?. Some are made using soy wax while some are made using paraffin wax, a petroleum (crude oil) based wax. Here are two reasons to avoid these types of handmade scented candles.

1. They contain 11 carcinogenic compounds, which are released when the candle is burned, these 11 compounds have been deemed "toxic air" by the State of California. As these candles burn they leave behind black soot and an air quality reseacher, David Krause, has documented evidence that these black soot particles contain many of same compounds released when burning diesel fuel.

2. The handmade paraffin candles can combust (explode), when they are made with fragrance oils ( which are synthetic oils). As opposes to essential oils which are made using natural ingredients.

When purchasing handmade scented candles from small businesses don't be afraid to ask about the ingredients that they use, if they are not listed. And just because it isn't listed doesn't mean that the business has something to hide as the USDA doesn't require ingredients for candles to be listed as they do with cosmetic and body works products (lotions, body butters, perfumes, body sprays etc). So, do your homework and make the best educated purchase for you and/or your family.

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