Friday, March 27, 2015

Stylin' and Profilin' Tips for Men's Body Types for Spring/Summer 2015

 Women aren't the only ones with different body types, men have them as well. Their body types consistent of three main ones: bulky, tall and skinny and the short man. Here are some helpful tips to help you dress or help your man dress himself this Spring/Summer 2015.

Bulky Men

1. Stay away from horizontal stripes
2. Avoid double-vested jackets
3. Buy clothes that fit
4. Go monochromatic
5. Avoid turtlenecks
6. Choose prints carefully
7. Wear a belt

Tall and Skinny Men

1. Don't wear vertical stripes
2. Void monochromatic looks
3. Choose fitted shirts
4. Avoid rounded-toe shoes
5. Stay away from skinny jeans
6. Choose light colors

Short Men

1. Opt for square-toed shoes
2. Choose shoes with very slight heel
3. Consider accessories
4. Avoid big prints
5. Wear short rise jeans
6. Choose on slimmer necktie

For more information about how to apply these tips in styling your man or him styling himself go to:

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