Friday, March 20, 2015

Aaachoo! Spring Allergies What's the Deal? Part 1

It's that time again for spring time allergy suffers to have to deal with itchy eyes, red eyes, runny nose, nasal congestion and sometimes headches. But what causes these symptoms of allergies and how do we handle them.? In this two part blog I will discuss what causes these symptoms in part one and how to deal with them in part two.

 Now, that flowers are beginning to bloom they are releasing pollen into the atmosphere. It isn't just flowers that can release pollen trees, grass and weeds can release these pollen grains as well. These pollen grains can get in through your nose and cause your immune sysem to run wild. Your immune system sees the pollen as dangerous invaders and attack them by releasing antibodies. The releasing of these antibodies cause the chemical called histamine to be released, that chemical is what causes your spring time allergy symptoms.

With this information in hand in part two we will go over how to deal with your symptoms, so that you can enjoy your spring season.

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