Tuesday, February 3, 2015

To Live Is to Dye For? We Shall See...Part 1

A lot of women use hair dyes today and surprisingly men's usage is on he rise as well and there has long been talk for a while about hair dyes being linked to cancer.  Researchers have also look at dyes as being a carcinogen.  We shall discuss the different types of dyes and who runs  the risk of be exposed to these harmful chemicals, so that you can be aware and be able to make a sound decision.

Types of Hair Dyes:

There are a several different types of dyes and their chemical components are significantly different:

1.   Temporary dyes- they only penetrate the top surface of the hair, only going into the hair shaft.  It will usually wash out of your hair with a couple of washings.

2.    Semi-permanent dyes- meaning half permanent, they go into the hair shaft but wash out after about 5-10 washings and don’t change the structure of the hair shaft.

3.    Permanent dyes-they change the structure of the hair shaft. The hair shaft will not change back until there is new growth in the hair. The chemical change in the hair comes from a chemical agent known as coal-tars dyes because the components they contain.  Coal-tar dyes also contain amines which is derived from ammonia and phenols which are  mild acidic toxic compound, combined with hydrogen peroxide they produce these types of dyes.  With darker hair dyes they require the most of these types of dyes.

What are the different ways we are exposed to these dyes?

1.   The easiest way is the dying of your hair as basically the dye is consumed through your skin and enters into your blood stream.

2.    People who have occupations like hairdresser, stylist and barbers are susceptible to these chemical elements which can be inhaled through the air.

3.    If you are one that dyes your own hair you run a risk of being exposed both ways through the skin and into to blood stream and through the air because you are the client and stylist.

Next time we will discuss on what researchers have found out about the link of cancer and hair dyes.

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