Wednesday, February 4, 2015

To Live Is to Dye For? We Shall See...Part 2

   As we discussed in part one, researchers have for some time linked danerous health concerns to hair dyes, whether semi permanent or permanent. Now, we will discuss what researchers have found in their scientific investigation.

What type of research was conducted?

1.       Researcher’s focused on two groups of people those who dye hair and those who get their hair dyed.

2.       They looked for cancer in the bladder (Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma) and breast cancer.

3.       While in the lab they looked for certain ingredients particularly aromatic amines which are known for causing cancer in lab animals especially when they were given huge amount for an extended period.

What was found out about NHL and hair dye?

1.       Analysis looked at four case studies and it was shown that 4,461 women had NHL and 5,799 were  who didn’t have NHL and they didn’t dyed their hair so, basically 30% percent of women were found to have NHL from hair dye.

2.       These were women who had used these dyes before the 1980’s.  I might say that there needs to be more extensive research done on hair dyes after the 1980’s and regulations from the FDA to ensure us that these industries don’t put any aromatic amines or derivatives of such in hair dyes today.

3.       What they also found out was that hair dyer’s had an increased risk of follicular lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic, this is an NHL subtype. This was done on women who have been using hair dyes before the 1980’s.

What was determined about breast cancer?

1.       For the most part there have not been enough studies done, from what studies have been conducted on breast cancer and the link with hair dyes is that they can’t determine at this time that it does. I think one of the biggest problems is the FDA and they regulation that were set forth during the 1930 which need to be revised.  Let’s take a look at how the FDA plays a part in the research of cosmetics safety.

The role the FDA plays with our health and safety.

1.       In the USA the FDA regulates the safety of our cosmetics that includes hair dyes too but the FDA has limits to what they can do to protect us the consumer.

2.       The FDA does not grant approval of every ingredient that is put into hair dye products before it goes to the consumer.

3.       In fact it is left up to the manufacturer they are responsible for your health and safety, that means you are not being protected by the  government who should be protecting you.

4.       They can take action on any ingredient that is harmful or in violation of the law, meaning that someone has to be harmed before they will respond.

5.       They also will investigate any new ingredients put into hair dye products.  I believe that they should check new or old ingredients to make sure you are safe.

6.       If cosmetic are found to be unsafe then the FDA can make a recall: after people get exposed to cancer.

  Now, tha we are aware of the harmful health concerns tha can affect our bodies for from professional hairstylist to "at home" hair dyers we can make a sound decision that is right for us.

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