Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Do You Know Your Body Type and What to Wear?

Do You Know Your Body Type and What to Wear?

This quiz will help you determine how to work with what you got and look good!

  1. I am an apple shape because I have...

  2. narrow hips, wide shoulder and a flat stomach
    I have broad shoulders, full bust and a undefined waist
    wide hips, small waist and large arms
    small arms and legs and answer b

  3. I am a pear shape because I have...

  4. I have a narrow waist with a small bust and full hips
    I have a full bottom and small upper body
    I have broad shoulders, full waist and small arms
    I have a big rear-end

  5. I am a rectangle shape because I have

  6. small hips, small waist and a large torso
    large arms, small waist and narrow hips
    small upper torso and a small waist
    large upper body, wide waist and broad shoulders

  7. I am a hour glass shape because I have...

  8. large legs, wide hips, small arms
    broad hips, large rear-end and a wide waist
    upper body is porportioned with hips and with a small defined waist
    full stomach, broad upper body and no hips

  9. How to dress an apple shape body

  10. find clothes that show off my belly
    take attention off the middle section because it's the fullest part of the body
    wear see through tops where my stomach can show my shape
    wear mid-drift tops

  11. How to dress a pear shape

  12. wear long shirts that go over my hips
    choose tops that are colorful or printed to take attention to the torso and not the hips
    choose colors that will bring attention to my hips
    wear a drawstring top

  13. How to dress a rectangle shape

  14. with a long stretchy shirt that comes to my waist
    with a top that is big and full
    wear tops that accent the waist tops with a drawstrings or a belted top
    a mid-drift top

  15. How to dress a hour glass shape.

  16. with a well fitted tailored shirts with stretchy material that hugs your curves
    oversized t-shirts
    loose fitting shirts
    bulky clothing

  17. When you know your body type, will it help you determine how to dress

  18. yes, it will because I will know what type of clothes that will look good on me.
    no, because I just want to wear what I want to wear
    maybe but I don't care how I look
    never thought about it doesn't make sense to me

  19. Did you learn something from the quiz

  20. yes
    no, but is was informative
    yes, can I tell a friend about this quiz

Thanks for taking this quiz!

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