Monday, January 12, 2015

Playing Safe In Winter Weather Part 1

 Now that winter has come and is in full effect it has given us great weather for winter sports. Winter sports come in any array of categories from snow boarding to bobsliding, but no matter what you choose to do this winter it's important to stay protected. We need to make sure we have on the proper outterwear and skin care products to protect us from the damaging affects of the cold temperatures, UV rays and harsh winds. The Skin Can Cancer Foundation highly recommend being properly protected and to not just associate winter weather with frostbite and windburn. So we will be discussing this further with a part two on this topic.
   When deciding to venture out be advised that the sun's UV rays at higher altitudes like 9,000 to 10,000 ft on ski slopes it can be 35 to 45% more intense. This is due to the fact that the snow reflects 80% of the sun's UV rays, which means that you can be hit by the same harmful UV rays twice ( directly from the sun and the reflection of the sun off of the snow). So be sure to protect your skin by:
- applying sunscreen frequently by using a product that contains an SPF (preferably a natural SPF like coconut oil)
- reapply the product every two hours, after sweating ( preferably a handmade lotion and/ or body buttter and lip balm)
- cover your head
- wear a ski mask
- wear googles and gloves

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