Friday, January 23, 2015

Keepin' It Dry

  As women we want to look our best no matter what the season, no matter our hair type, no matter our hair length and no matter what the lastest hair trends are this year. Despite all these factors the common thread is that at some point we will be applying heat to our hair, in particular blow drying our hair either after washing and/or styling. Here are five tips to avoid doing damage to your hair.

1. Towel dry as much as possible to reduce the amount of water in your hair, as the more water the longer you have to use the blow dryer which means MORE heat.

2. Less is more when it comes to using product in your hair. The more product you add weighs down your hair, which means that you will have to blow dry your hair for longer and possibly on higher levels of heat.

3. Use a comb versus a brush to evenly distribute the product through hair, which means less time using the blow dryer.

4. Section your hair in to manageable sections not TOO big and not TOO small, the size of the sections makes the time you spend using a blow dryer long.

5. When applying product that is sprayed be sure to spray the product from the top to the bottom of each section and the blow dry the bottom sections first, leaving the top crown sections for last.
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