Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Star Is Born Presenting Vitamin D Part 2


    There is nothing like feeling the warm rays of the sun on a FREEZING cold winter day and absorbing those rays at a safe level is good for us because of the Vitamin D that we absorb through our skin. It is important that we get that Vitamin D as our bodies turn that into calcium. When we don't get enough calcium a deficiency can occur, some researchers believe that it is due to having dark skin, if your kidneys can't convert Vitamin D, your digestive tract can't absorb Vitamin D and you are obese.
   I agree and understand the reasons that Vitamin D deficiency can occur, except for the reason being that the color of your skin is dark due to the melanin in your skin. I have done research which proves that melanin is an effective absorber of sunlight. In fact, the melanin that is in the skin of those with African ancestors and other ethnicities that typically have dark skin tones can remove 99.9% of the UV radiation, especially UVB radiation which reduces the risk of skin cancer. For further information read: or http://

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